Soul Revive
Yoga & Wellness

Offering transformative holistic practices of Yoga, Mindfulness, Somatics and Sound Meditation.

The mission and vision of SRYW, is it to be purposeful and impactful in providing equitable and accessible holistic practices through a trauma informed framework to anyone and every body. To facilitate a container that can support you to discover inner peace through the wisdom of your body, mind and heart consciousness.
As you embody a loving, compassionate and accepting inner world, may this expand to the healing of our collective consciousness.





 Yoga Basics Community Class

Join me at the Harris Community Center to slow down, tune inward for 60 minutes of mindful movement. Beginner to advance welcome. Learn to connect the breath as you move through yogic postures, release stress and find ease.


Somatic Stress Release

Learn about the stress-response cycle, how it effects you mentally, emotionally, and physiologically. Develop tangible skills to assist you in regulating the nervous system to manage stress more efficiently to thrive and not just survive life.



Hi my name is Andrea, the owner of SRYW. I crossed paths with Yoga at a point in my life when I was feeling a sense of emptiness. Yoga brought me back home to the wisdom of my body and true nature. This coming home led me to unearth meaning and purpose in sharing Yoga and similiar contemplative practices as a potential mode for others to discover their true Self.

I bring years of experience and knowledge as a certified Yoga Teacher. I have additional hours of trauma informed training and continued education in Mindfulness, Ayurveda, Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy, Integrative Somatic Parts Work, Somatic Attachment Therapy, Somatic Stress Release™ and Sound Meditation.

I enjoy serving in my community to make a purposeful impact. I organize, facilitate, and lead wellness retreats. Guide corporate wellness classes. Partner with other small business owners for classes, events, and retreats. I am a community partner with Therapy Transformed, where they encourage their clients to take an holistic approach to their overall well-being.

I am a mother, military spouse, daughter, sister, friend, adoptee, advocate, volunteer, cPTSD survivor and so much more. My lived experiences have shaped and molded my world view in advocating for causes close to my heart. Collective care is essential to us thriving and not just surviving.

"I'm convinced of this: Good done anywhere is good done everywhere. For a change, start by speaking to people rather than walking by them like they're stones that don't matter. As long as you're breathing, it's never too late to do some good.” ~Maya Angelou


Develop mindful practices to transform your life from the inside out.


The perfect mix of a good workout flow and relaxing self care! Loved it, as always!! 😊

Every week I look forward to Amanda’s class! The lighting, music, yoga flow, essential oil scent and overall vibe is so relaxing and inviting. Plus the hands-on adjustments and massages are to DIE for! Will continue coming literally every week.

AMAZINNNGGGGG 💖 If you’re looking for a workout that’s WORTH your time, and a teacher that invests in her people ... you can stop looking because you’ve found it 🙏🏼

Morgan G. LCSW
Therapy Transformed

Drea is a light among the darkest times. The most beautiful spirit and soul to bring healing, love and safety. As a therapist I strive to find a collaborative holistic approach that stretches therapy off of the couch. My clients emotional and physical safety are held at the highest and deepest regard, Drea was able to provide that to my practice and clients. My clients found immense release, relief, support and engagement back to body in a way that only body work combined with therapy could do. I could not have asked the universe for a better community partner to provide supportive care to my clients.

Jess M.

Andrea is such a wonderful presence to be around, and a gentle compassionate teacher. I have thoroughly enjoyed every class I have taken from her. I attended a Fall Equinox retreat with her and it was so grounding and healing. I genuinely left feeling like a better person and more equipped to handle the realities of day to day life. I thoroughly encourage everyone to participate in any class or event she holds, it will nourish your soul.

Lindsay H.

Taking yoga with Drea is simply enchanting. She has a unique ability to transform a regular yoga class into an experience that expands your mind. Helping to bring increased mindfulness to the rest of the day. I came to Drea for somatic coaching while working through accepting parts of myself I'd denied my whole life. I felt so confident in her abilities and her energy let me express my truest self. She created the brave space I never knew I needed. This has translated in showing up more authentically in all aspects of my life.

Megan P.

Andrea is so down to earth and puts you to ease. She guides in a way that allows you such autonomy and non judgment that she facilitates you finding yourself in your practice. She's incredibly compassionate and kind.  She has the right balance of challenge and acceptance for anyone at any level.  She has a trauma informed approach encouraging you to empower yourself to listen to your body and do what is comfortable for you. I can't speak highly enough about her and the service she provides.